Environmental and Biogeochemistry

We study environmental molecular processes to protect the earths' most valuable resources, air and water.  ASU has a strong history in connecting chemistry, biochemistry and geology.  We define the materials chemistry of the geosphere, and explore new ways of performing chemical reactions inspired by geomimicry, and how chemistry, biology and geology sustain life on earth, and possibly beyond.


Ariel Anbar

Earth Surface Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Isotopic Composition Studies, Biogeochemistry

Andrew Chizmeshya

Computational Solid State Chemistry, Semiconductor Simulation, Vibrational and Optical Properties of Solids, Physisorption, Carbon Sequestration

Ian Gould

Photochemistry, mechanistic organic chemistry, organic geochemistry

Grewal Research

Damanveer Grewal

Cosmochemistry, Geochemistry, High Pressure Chemistry, Meteoritics, Planetary and Exoplanetary Science, Astrophysics

Hilairy Hartnett

Aqueous Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Oceanography, Carbon Cycle Research, Environmental Chemistry

Pierre Herckes

Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry, Environmental Pollution, Analytical Chemistry

Alexandra Navrotsky

Materials of the universe, thermochemistry, ceramics, geochemistry, mineralogy 

Liza Roger

marine biology, biochemistry, biomineralization, geochemistry, symbiosis, reef-building coral, mollusk, cnidarian

Scott Sayres

Ultrafast Lasers, Electron Dynamics, XUV Spectroscopy, Molecular Clusters

Everett Shock

Biogeochemistry, Thermodynamic Modeling, Microbial Processes, Analytical Methods

George Wolf

High pressure chemistry, phase transitions, spectroscopy, materials chemistry

Jie Xu

Microbe-Nanostructure Interactions, Biogenic Nanomaterials, Amorphous Nanomaterials, Materials Crystal Structure and Catalysis, Anoxygenic Photosynthesis, Sulfur Bacteria, Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria, Biogeochemistry, and Astrobiology