Chemistry of Biology

Structural biology is being revolutionized at ASU using femtosecond nanocrystallography.  Our faculty and students are defining the roles of enzymes and protein complexes with biomolecules that regulate transcription, translation, post-translational modification and energy and proton flow in DNA, in membranes and within cells. We also study the molecular basis of biology in geology and even astronomy.


James Allen

Protein structure and function, X-Ray crystallography, photosynthesis, bacterial cofactors

Julian Chen

Structure, function and evolution of ribonucleoprotein complexes, RNA-protein interactions, telomerase biogenesis and mechanism

Po-Lin Chiu

Electron microscopy, cryo-EM, electron crystallography, membrane protein, structural biology, signal processing, image processing

Mark Hayes

Microfluidics, bioassays, microchip devices, Noninvasive sampling, materials and surface chemistry

Matthias Heyden

Molecular modeling, biomolecular interactions and solvation, intermolecular vibrations, molecular crowding, complex formation and self-assembly

Anne Jones

Bioinorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, hydrogenases, de novo protein design and engineering, redox enzyme mechanisms, alternative energy generation

Judith Klein-Seetharaman

Biomolecular structure, dynamics, interactions and functions. Translational research

Audrone Lapinaite

Structure and function of nucleoprotein complexes; bacterial immune systems; CRISPR-Cas; RNA modifications; engineering genome editing tools

Marcia Levitus

Biophysical chemistry, photophysics, single-molecule fluorescence, DNA-protein dynamics

Stuart Lindsay

Scanning probe microscopy, molecular electronics, molecular biophysics, nano-scale self-assembly

Di Liu

DNA/RNA nanotechnology; DNA topology; RNA structures; RNA therapeutics

Yuval Mazor

Photosynthesis, membrane proteins, genetics, structural biology

Jeremy Mills

Protein Engineering, Computational Protein Design, Unnatural Amino Acids, Directed Evolution

Thomas Moore

Photosynthesis, protonmotive force, proton and electron transfer, photochemistry, photobiology, bioenergy, biocatalysis, sustainable energy, dye sensitized semiconductors

Vladimiro Mujica

Theoretical chemistry, nanoscience, electron transfer, molecular conductance, nanomagnetism, chirality

Steve Presse

Bacterial dynamics Single molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging analysis Stochastic processes Bayesian inference

Alberto Rascón

Alberto Rascón

Aedes aegypti mosquito; Proteases; Protein Structure and Function; Viral Pathogens

Liza Roger

marine biology, biochemistry, biomineralization, geochemistry, symbiosis, reef-building coral, mollusk, cnidarian

Everett Shock

Biogeochemistry, Thermodynamic Modeling, Microbial Processes, Analytical Methods

Abhishek Singharoy

Molecular dynamics simulations, Cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, hybrid modeling

Nicholas Stephanopoulos

Protein- and peptide-DNA nanotechnology, organic bioconjugation chemistry, self-assembly, nano-machines and devices, materials for biology and medicine

Petr Sulc

Coarse-grained modeling of DNA and RNA with applications to DNA/RNA nanotechnology, RNA folding, Molecular simulations to study properties of DNA and RNA in vivo and in vitro, Applications of statistical physics modeling to complex systems

Xu Wang

Biochemistry, NMR, protein, carbohydrate, glycan, glycosaminoglycan, protein structure, protein-carbohydrate interactions

Mouzhe Xie

Mouzhe Xie

Experimental quantum biosensing; biophysics and protein sciences; diamond material; NMR; microscopy

Jie Xu

Microbe-Nanostructure Interactions, Biogenic Nanomaterials, Amorphous Nanomaterials, Materials Crystal Structure and Catalysis, Anoxygenic Photosynthesis, Sulfur Bacteria, Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria, Biogeochemistry, and Astrobiology