Online degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Students at the School of Molecular Sciences learn to understand and explain the world from the molecular perspective. In the online degree programs, students take lecture-style courses online but also gain valuable laboratory skills in-person. The in-person laboratory courses, which are compressed into a shorter time for our online students' needs, add critical legitimacy to the online biochemistry and chemistry degree programs. This important component of our online degrees has been received favorably by professional health programs and scientific industry. After completion Our students are prepared for a wide range of careers in science and health and are positioned to be competitive applicants to many academic and professional health graduate programs, including medical, physician assistant, dental, and pharmacy schools.

Prospective Students

How do I apply?

Apply through ASU Online admissions. You can also speak with an enrollment advisor to assist you in completing your application.

How much does it cost?

The tuition costs range between $530-$1,153 per credit hour depending on your program, transfer credits, and course load. Use the online tuition calculator to determine your specific tuition estimation.

How long does it take?

Our degree programs take four years to complete. Transfer credits can reduce the length of time it takes to complete the degree. Speak with an academic advisor to learn how long it will take you to finish.

How does my degree work?

Students will complete science courses such as chemistry, biology, and physics. They will also complete general studies courses such as English, humanities, and social behavioral sciences. Classes are accelerated and run in 7.5-week sessions.

How do online courses work?

Our degree programs and courses are delivered online by the same award-winning faculty who teach the equivalent course on-campus. Courses are designed using state-of-the-art technology and tools, providing you with a direct connection to the knowledge and expertise of our SMS faculty. Learn more...

What is it like? 

Online students experience the same quality education as our on-ground students. SMS online courses give students the flexibility they need to complete their degree. Many extracurricular activities are also available for online students such as joining student organizations, completing internships, and contributing to research.

What jobs do graduates get?

Research, data analytics, environmental and sustainability management, or in education upon graduation. Many graduates also pursue further degree programs to prepare themselves for careers in medicine and healthcare. 

Who to contact?

For questions regarding to SMS online degree programs, please email:

Current Students

How do I get Advising? 

You can get advising through scheduled appointments. You can email advising at Advisors have the answers to many of your questions!

Where do I go for Help? 

You can find help by contacting your success coach or your academic advisor. They can help you with resources that are available to you as an online student such as tutoring, counseling, financial aid & scholarships, and Life 360 services.

Online student community

Embrace the diversity and traditions of Arizona State University as an online student. Connect with the ASU Online student community and celebrate Sun Devil pride. Learn more...

How do the In-Person Lab Courses work?

Students travel to Arizona to the ASU Tempe Campus and complete the organic chemistry labs (CHM 237 and 238) in 7 consecutive days and the biochemistry lab (BCH 467) in 5 consecutive days. Students spend a full eight hours each day in the lab for a true immersive experience.

How to connect with faculty?

As an online student, you will connect with faculty the same way as an in-person student would. Be engaged and proactive while taking the course. Ask good, relevant questions, and attend office hours. Participate in discussion boards by helping other students and answering their questions. Read about the faculty member's research area and expertise, and show genuine interest. 

How to get research experience

Online students can conduct research for ASU faculty on campus (if you are local) and also remotely. SMS has had online students working on research projects with our faculty here in Arizona while living in other states. You can also look to gain research experience in your local area. Consider contacting local universities, local hospitals, or laboratories to inquire about these opportunities. Students may earn credit for conducting research.