Undergraduate Degrees


Biochemistry, BA

Discover the secret chemical processes of living organisms at the molecular and atomic levels. Through courses in the physical sciences, life sciences and liberal arts, you build life and problem-solving skills that prepare you for a wide range of careers.


Biochemistry, BS

Explore the mysteries of life at the molecular and atomic level with hands-on lab experiences and problem-solving skills through a range of courses in the physical, quantitative and life sciences.

Learn about the molecular processes of life and how medicines work at this level to benefit human health. The conceptual and hands-on skills you gain through the molecular and life sciences courses are tailored for pre-health and pre-medical students, serving as your gateway to a dynamic career or medical school.

Do you want to help tackle current societal challenges related to energy, environment, medicine and new materials? Explore hands-on laboratory experiences that unlock the power of atomic and molecular solutions while cultivating vital critical thinking and problem-solving skills for diverse career paths.


Chemistry, BS

Explore the world of chemistry and craft a better future. Dive into hands-on laboratories and unleash your passion to tackle contemporary challenges in materials, medicine, energy, technology and beyond.

Solve today's environmental changes and unleash your potential to benefit the planet with hands-on lab experiences that allow you to delve into eco-friendly solutions. Master environmental chemistry, crafting a foundation for critical thinking, problem-solving and an Earth-conscious perspective.