Biochemistry, BA

Discover the secret chemical processes of living organisms at the molecular and atomic levels. Through courses in the physical sciences, life sciences and liberal arts, you build life and problem-solving skills that prepare you for a wide range of careers.


Biochemistry, BS

Want to explore and learn about life from a molecular perspective at the atomic level? You can do that and build problem-solving skills through a range of courses in the physical, quantitative and life sciences. You will be prepared for a wide variety of careers.

Learn about the molecular processes of life, how medicine works at the molecular level to benefit human health, and build your problem-solving skills. The skills you gain through the molecular and life sciences courses in this program help prepare you for a variety of careers.

Do you want to help tackle current societal challenges related to energy, the environment, medicine and new materials? When you learn how to address problems at the atomic and molecular levels, you'll develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are useful in many types of careers.


Chemistry, BS

Chemists investigate matter to help solve important societal problems. In this chemistry program, you will develop the skills to find global solutions in the fields of medicine, energy, technology, environmental quality and more.

Do you want to solve today's environmental challenges? Study materials at the molecular level to build an approach that provides enormous leverage for change. Take courses in environmental chemistry that will create a foundation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills and an Earth-centric perspective that will benefit the planet and your career.