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Our Students Are Making an Impact

Chemistry was historically considered the central science, sitting between biology and physics. Molecular Science has now taken on a role that has significantly expanded the reach of traditional chemistry and biochemistry into a wide range of technical and social disciplines and contexts. Our goal in the School of Molecular Sciences is to engage as diverse a student population as possible in this new approach to science, technology and social responsibility.

Our students learn in a use-inspired environment how molecular science can address contemporary societally relevant problems. Degrees from the School of Molecular Sciences open the door to a wide variety of careers. Our recent graduates are making their mark in fields as diverse and the environment and sustainability, medicine and health, education and management, and technology and basic scientific research.

When you support our initiatives to foster student success, you’re helping us to shape and diversify the next generation of leaders, innovators and educators in the Molecular Sciences, and beyond.

Our Alumni in the Workforce

Kaitlyn Mandigo

  • BS Chemistry
  • Chemistry Teacher Basis Scottsdale

Ryan Muller

Ryan Muller

  • BS Medicinal Biochemistry
  • Molecular and Cell Biology

Lyndsay Hess

Lyndsay Hess

  • BS Biochemistry and Psychology
  • U of A Medical School

Havell Markus

Havell Markus

  • BS Biochemistry and Mathematics
  • University of Cambridge, Computational Biology

Our Alumni in Professional and Graduate School

Joshua Niska

  • BS Biochemistry
  • MD Harvard
  • Physician Mayo Clinic

Kristin Mapes

  • BS chemistry
  • PharmD U of A
  • Pharmacist Renown Medical Center

Charlene Bashore

  • BS Biochemistry
  • PhD UC Berkeley
  • Scientific Researcher Genentech

James Cronican

  • BS Biochemistry
  • PhD Harvard
  • Engagement Manager McKinsey & Company

Support the School of Molecular Sciences

The School of Molecular Sciences requests your help by supporting our students and the hard work of our faculty and staff as we build the new establishing new scholarship opportunities for our most deserving students. The School recognizes that a diverse scientific community is an innovative community, and seeks to help students of all backgrounds achieve their educational goals and contribute to the emerging field of Molecular Science.

The School is taking advantage of Campaign ASU 2020 to initiate three new scholarship opportunities to support Women in Molecular Science, our First Generation students and our students who are Veterans. Or, you can choose to contribute to our existing SMS Scholarship Fund or to the SMS General Fund.

  • The SMS Veterans Scholarship
    The goal of this scholarship is to provide support for an undergraduate student and help to encourage military veterans, or children of military veterans undergraduate students to pursue a degree and career in the molecular sciences

    Click here to contribute to the SMS Veterans Scholarship Fund