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An investment in the School of Molecular Sciences is an investment in our students, who are training to tackle real-world societal problems in energy, technology, sustainability and human health from a molecular perspective, and in our faculty and staff who are committed to building ASU's reputation in leading-edge molecular science.

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Linda Raish
Associate Director of Development, Natural Sciences

"Your gift will help to support and prepare our most deserving students as they take on the new scientific challenges of the 21st century."

Neal Woodbury, SMS Director


How You Make a Difference

Our Students Are Award Winners.

Support our students who earn local and national awards and bring recognition to our School.

Scholarships Help Our Students Succeed

Scholarships Help Our Students Succeed

Support our scholarships and help students from all backgrounds make an impact in Molecular Science.

Our Students Are Making an Impact

With your support we will train the next generation of leaders, innovators and educators in the Molecular Science.

Featured Initiatives

Ensure Student Access & Excellence

Ensure Student Access & Excellence

The School of Molecular Sciences supports, trains and encourages students of all backgrounds to make an impact in societally relevant real-world problems from a molecular perspective. With your support we can further develop our support structure for our most deserving students, and support diversity of the Molecular Science community. We invite you to contribute to one of our new scholarship funds.

Elevate the Academic Enterprise

Elevate the Academic Enterprise

Our Faculty, students and staff are working hard to build the new field of Molecular Science, and to further enhance the reputation of our research and teaching programs and Institution. A donation to our general fund provides the School with the flexible funds that can be used to promote smaller, but important initiatives in support of these goals.

Support the School of Molecular Sciences

The School of Molecular Sciences requests your help by supporting our students and the hard work of our faculty and staff as we build the new establishing new scholarship opportunities for our most deserving students. The School recognizes that a diverse scientific community is an innovative community, and seeks to help students of all backgrounds achieve their educational goals and contribute to the emerging field of Molecular Science.

The School is taking advantage of Campaign ASU 2020 to initiate three new scholarship opportunities to support Women in Molecular Science, our First Generation students and our students who are Veterans. Or, you can choose to contribute to our existing SMS Scholarship Fund or to the SMS General Fund.

  • The SMS Veterans Scholarship
    The goal of this scholarship is to provide support for an undergraduate student and help to encourage military veterans, or children of military veterans undergraduate students to pursue a degree and career in the molecular sciences

    Click here to contribute to the SMS Veterans Scholarship Fund