Our Students Are Award Winners

School of Molecular Science students have received recognition for high achievement, both within ASU and nationally. The School provides students with the opportunity to get involved in boundary-crossing research that is aimed at solving major real-life problems, and that allows them to demonstrate and grow their knowledge, skill, initiative and scientific independence.

Our students have used their experiences in the School of Molecular Sciences in support of applications for high-visibility national awards. For example, ASU has been one of the nation’s leading producers of Goldwater Scholars in the last 10 years, with 27, outperforming Stanford, Princeton, Harvard and Yale. Of these, 10 have been School of Molecular Science Students. Our students are also the recipients of prestigious Flynn Scholarships, National Science Foundation Research Fellowships.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Medal recognizes the highest achieving students in the College. Dean’s Medalists have demonstrated a high level of success in coursework and in innovative research. The School of Molecular Sciences recent Dean's Medal winners have made research contributions in diagnostics and health, energy conversion and storage, biotechnology, and environmental science.

When you support our scholarship and initiative funds, you will help the next generation of students earn both local and national visibility and enhance the reputation of our programs and institution.

School Goldwater Scholars

Meilin Zhu2018 - Meilin Zhu
Institution: Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry

Humza Zubair2018 - Humza Zubair
Institution: Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry, Biological Sciences

2014 - Ryan Yue Muller
Institution: Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry, Molecular/Cellular Biology

2011 - John Benjamin Ingraham
Institution: Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry, Applied Mathematics

Michael Kenny2011 - Michael James Kenney
Institution: Arizona State University
Major(s): Chemistry

2011 - Erik Stout
Institution: Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry, Economics


2009 - Joshua Ryan Niska
Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry

2009 - Charles Benjamin Strauber
Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry/Linguistics

charlene bashore2008 - Charlene Bashore
Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry


lara_cardy Goldwater Award2008 - Lara Cardy
Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry/Speech and Hearing

Shannon Fortin 2006 Goldwater Award2006 - Shannon P. Fortin
Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry

james cronican 2006 Goldwater Award2006 - James J. Cronican
Arizona State University
Major(s): Biochemistry

Dean's Medalists

Zoe Liberman-MartinSpring 2019 : Zoe Liberman-Martin

Major: Chemistry, Minor: Mathematics

Accomplishments: Liberman-Martin exited high school planning to become a professional musician. But after earning her associate degree in music and working as an EMT, she landed at ASU.

With graduation around the corner, faculty members praise Liberman-Martin’s natural curiosity, analytical ability and enthusiasm.

“Zoe has demonstrated uncommon initiative for a student at her level by pursuing a range of internal and extracurricular research activities,” said Anne Jones, an associate professor in the School of Molecular Sciences and the school’s associate director of academic affairs.

In 2018, she spent the summer as a research fellow at the University of Georgia’s Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry. Working toward an honors thesis as a student at Barrett, The Honors College, she also worked in the Levitus Lab under School of Molecular Sciences associate professor Andrew Chizmeshya.

Upon graduation, she plans to use her varied research, music and medical background to pursue a career in materials manufacturing.

Alexis RamirezFall 2018 : Alexis Ramirez

Major: Biochemistry with an emphasis on medicinal chemistry

Accomplishments: After transferring to ASU from Mesa Community College with his associate degree, Ramirez quickly distinguished himself in his coursework and research.

As a student in Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, his honors thesis focused on developing a dielectrophoretic method to separate gold nanoparticles.

Logan TeglerSpring 2018 : Logan Tegler

Major: chemistry, Minor: English literature

Accomplishments: Passionate about environmental chemistry, Tegler worked in Professor Ariel Anbar’s lab on her own project developing separation techniques of neutral uranium and calcium isotope species. She received the ASU NASA Space Grant Fellowship, an extremely competitive summer research fellowship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, for her impressive independent work.

Tegler is a pending applicant for a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship and has received acceptance to multiple graduate programs.

Jonathan Vie Awarded Fall 2017 CLAS Dean's Medal Fall 2017 : Jonathan Vie

Vie is a transfer student who has excelled in his studies at ASU. He joined the Marine Corps to help pay for college and has since discovered his passion for teaching. He has been a tutor for high school students while pursuing his degree and is dedicated to helping young students grow in the STEM fields within the Phoenix area.

Patrick Almhjell Awarded Spring 2017 CLAS Dean's MedalSpring 2017 : Patrick Almhjell

Almhjell has been an exemplary student and researcher during his time at ASU. He has been conducting research in Professor Jeremy Mills’ biochemistry lab and Professor M. Foster Olive’s psychology lab since the fall of 2015, where he investigates amino acids and behavioral neuroscience, respectively. He has also maintained a perfect GPA as an honors student and served as a teaching assistant for upper-division chemistry and psychology courses.

Havell Markus Awarded Fall 2016 CLAS Dean's MedalFall 2016 : Havell Markus

Havell has conducted extensive research as a Helios Scholar in the Center for Noninvasive Diagnostics at the Translational Genomics Research Center and multiple labs at ASU. His research and thesis work have been presented in four conferences and have resulted in a first author publication in the Journal of Young Investigators.

Sahba Zaare Awarded Spring 2016 CLAS Dean's MedalSpring 2016 : Sahba 

Sahba has performed research in the labs of professors Chad Borges (Center for Personalized Diagnostics - Biodesign Institute) and Kevin Redding (Director- Center for Bioenergy and Photosynthesis). To quote Chad “...Sahba’s thirst for knowledge borders on the threshold of ‘disturbing’.”

Hallie Sussman Dean's Medalist Fall 2015 : Hallie Sussman

Hallie worked in Professor Neal Woodbury’s laboratory at the Biodesign Institute on projects involving photosynthetic reaction centers as part of her honors thesis. She is expected to be a co-author on at least one of the papers that result from the research.

Ryan Muller Dean's MedalistSpring 2015 : Ryan Muller

Ryan was active in research at the Biodesign Institute even as a high school student.  As an ASU sophomore, Ryan joined the ASU International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) team, which competes on a national level to create synthetic biological systems. In 2012, his team won a gold medal, as well as the Best Human Practices Advance award during the international championship

Amanda Wolf Dean's MedalistFall 2014 : Amanda Wolf

Amanda worked in the Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology Research Lab at The Biodesign Institute, and was also a summer intern in a Central Arizona-Phoenix (CAP) project, and conducted interdisciplinary research on the ecosystem services and trade-offs provided by urban water bodies for homeless populations in Phoenix.

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