Our Students

We are amazed and proud of our undergraduate student's accomplishments. They are future scientists that will change the world for the better. 

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Our Students

Our Students

Sydney Pickett, Eric Do, Jessica Wang, & Gabriella Cerna
Class of 2024

School of Molecular Sciences students reflect on their first semester in the middle of the pandemic

Kristofer Gonzalez
Class of 2020

ASU Online student graduates while in the military

Jesus Peralta
Class of 2023

First-generation ASU student blazes new trail

Madeleine Howell
Class of 2020

ASU 2020 Dean’s Medalist heads to Harvard

Miguel Bahena
Class of 2020

A change of mindset leads to a bright future

Tal Sneh
Class of 2021

3 ASU juniors win top national awards

Katja Klosterman
Class of 2019

ASU grad seeks to be a future change maker

Zoe Liberman-Martin
Class of 2019

Spring 2019 Dean’s Medalists 

Adwa Alhatlan
Class of 2018

Back-up plan brings biochemistry major to ASU

Darian Takase
Class of 2018

ASU a perfect fit for biochemistry graduate 

Alexandria Layton
Class of 2018

Biochemistry senior shines with research 

Victoria Hernandez
Class of 2018

A love of chemistry took grad a long way from home

Capria Rinaldi
Class of 2017

Biochemistry senior shines with research

Patrick Almhjell
Class of 2017

SMS Spring 2017 Dean's Medalists

Scholarship & Award Recipients



George M. Bateman Memorial Scholarship | Holly Hemesath, Biochemistry

Therald Moeller Scholarship | Bryan Ugaz, Biochemistry

Wayne W. Luchsinger Chemistry Scholarship | Tia Swenty, Biochemistry 

John Holloway Undergraduate Scholarship | Elinor Sauer, Chemistry (Environmental)

Edward B. Skibo Memorial Scholarship | Tal Sneh, Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry)

Goldwater Scholarship | Tal Sneh, Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry)

Arizona Society for Coatings Technology Scholarship | Brian Clark, Chemistry 

Ted Brown Memorial Scholarship | Sam Bakotich, Biochemistry

SMS Women in Science Scholarship | Madeleine Zheng, Biochemistry

SMS Women in Science Scholarship | Madeline Alzamora, Chemistry

SMS Women in Science Scholarship | Elle Streitweiser, Biochemistry

SMS First Generation Scholarship | Jesus Peralta, Biochemistry

SMS Veterans Scholarship | Anthony Pacheco, Biochemistry

SMS Scholarship | David Reed, Biochemistry


Spring 2020 SMS Dean’s Medalist | Madeleine Howell, Chemistry 

Fall 2020 SMS Dean’s Medalist | Elinor Sauer, Chemistry (Environmental)

Distinguished Biochemistry Merit Award | Sabrina Leung, Biochemistry

Distinguished Biochemistry Merit Award | Alexis Nichols, Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry)

Distinguished Biochemistry Merit Award | Paul Turack, Biochemistry

Distinguished Chemistry Merit Award | David Flesher, Chemistry

SAACS Organic Achievement Award | Anne Mcdaniel, Biochemistry 

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award | Ellen Streitwieser, Biochemistry 

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award | William Knight, Chemistry (Environmental)

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award | Matthew Duplissa, Chemistry

ACS Division of Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award | Brock Leland, Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence | Holly Hemesath, Biochemistry

Fall 2020 Moeur Award Recipient | Sabrina E. Mango, Biochemistry

Fall 2020 Moeur Award Recipient | Haley Shaffer, Biochemistry

Fall 2020 Moeur Award Recipient | Kynzie Michelle West, Biochemistry

Fall 2020 Moeur Award Recipient | Tyler Austin Wong, Biochemistry 

Fall 2020 Moeur Award Recipient | Elinor Sauer, Chemistry (Environmental)