Chemistry and Biochemistry for Pre-health

The majors offered by the School of Molecular Science are excellent choices for students considering health-related careers in medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology and pharmacy. Most medical professional schools require students to complete a core set of courses, the pre-requisites. Chemistry and Biochemistry degrees include most of these prerequisite courses (general chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, physics etc.) and prepare them very well for the admissions examinations such as MCAT, DAT, PCAT, etc. The School of Molecular Sciences also offers students the opportunity to get involved in research, which is often is considered an essential part of a competitive application.

Pre-med student Aman Garg talks about Biochemistry as a premed major.

Carolyn Clark shares how her background in biochemistry and research experience helped her get into medical school.

Grace Ritter shares how the Online Biochemistry program helped her get into veterinary school.

John Esquivez shares how the Biochemistry program helped him get into Dental school.

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