Financial Support

All students accepted in the PhD Chemistry/Biochemistry programs are guaranteed financial support by means of a Graduate Assistant position. Research assistantships usually come from faculty grants, although some departmental and college research assistantships are also available on a competitive basis.

Highly qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for a graduate fellowship from the National Science Foundation.


The standard stipend for all students on TA/RA is $8851 per semester for fall and spring ($17,702) and full summer funding is $5,900. 

Tuition and Health Insurance benefits are provided for all students with Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship positions with at least a full-time ( .50 FTE) appointment (20 hours per week).

Tuition - Tuition waivers cover the full cost of tuition for resident and non-resident students. Information on the cost of tuition and the value of this benefit can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Health Benefits - The university covers the cost of individual health insurance premiums for all TAs and RAs with half-time appointments. More information on this plan can be found at ASU Health Services website (Resources > Health Coverage Options).

Additional information about the specific policies of the RA/TA position at ASU can be found in the TA/RA Handbook.