Innovation in chemistry & biochemistry

Ellen Streitwieser, spring 2021 Dean’s Medalist

Online biochemistry student named spring 2021 Dean's Medalist for SMS.

SMS grad student earns fellowship from NSF

John Vant was recently awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

SMS research boosts Nobel Prize

Recent Nobel Prize bolstered by research at ASU’s School of Molecular Sciences on TRPV1.

$10M donation for materials science

Professor Alexandra Navrotsky increases ASU donation to $10M to help ensure future of materials science.

SMS announces Tijana Rajh as new director

Tijana Rajh has been announced as the new director of Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences.

Unravel DNA repair mechanism

Researchers at ASU's School of Molecular Sciences, Biodesign Institute, Mayo Clinic unravel DNA repair mechanism.

Molecular solutions to real-life challenges