Innovation in chemistry & biochemistry

Ellen Streitwieser, spring 2021 Dean’s Medalist

Online biochemistry student named spring 2021 Dean's Medalist for SMS.

SMS PhD grad awarded NRC postdoc

Jacob Garcia recently awarded a NRC postdoc to work on atomic probe tomography.

SMS research boosts Nobel Prize

Recent Nobel Prize bolstered by research at ASU’s School of Molecular Sciences on TRPV1.

Christina Birkel Receives NSF CAREER award

Birkel group are diligently working to create new materials that can be used for renewable energy, catalysts and permanent magnets.

Gary Moore exemplifies scientific leadership

Gary Moore and his team advance the science of molecular materials for applications in transducing solar energy.

Peter Buseck receives David Sinclair Award

Regents Professor Peter Buseck receives prestigious award for excellence in aerosol research, technology.

Molecular solutions to real-life challenges