Innovation in chemistry & biochemistry

A Goldwater Scholar

Lauren Harstad receives 2022 Goldwater Scholarship, one of the most prestigious awards for undergraduate STEM majors.

SMS graduate student wins NSF award

Shundene Key awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program on surface proteins in the immune system.

ABOR funds to support Valley fever research

Pierre Herckes and Matthew Fraser will lead Environmental detection and modeling of Valley fever in Arizona.

Christina Birkel receives NSF CAREER award

Birkel group are diligently working to create new materials that can be used for renewable energy, catalysts and permanent magnets.

Yuval Mazor receives NSF CAREER award

The proposed work targets the most essential function carried out by living organisms — using light to create food and oxygen.

Tim Long receives ACS Award

The Paul J. Flory Polymer Education Award recognizes achievement in promoting undergraduate or graduate polymer education.

Molecular solutions to real-life challenges