Structural Biology

ASU students are revolutionizing structural biology using femtosecond nanocrystallography, characterizing the structural properties of proteins in spider silk using high field NMR, using X-Ray crystallography to characterize critical protein/RNA and protein/carbohydrate complexes responsible for disease, connecting protein structure to biological function, and combining NMR, computation and biophysics to describe the dynamical structure of membrane-bound proteins in action.

Po-Lin Chiu

Electron microscopy, cryo-EM, electron crystallography, membrane protein, structural biology, signal processing, image processing

Petra Fromme

Structural biochemistry and biophysics, membrane proteins, X-Ray crystallography, photosynthesis, molecular biology

Wei Liu

Biophysics, Drug Design, X-Ray Crystallography, G Protein–Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), Membrane Proteins, Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP), Protein-Protein Interactions/Complexes, Protein Functions

Wade Van Horn

Membrane proteins, Solution NMR, Structural biology, Biophysical Chemistry, Enzymology, Electrophysiology, Computational structural biology, Ion channels, Membrane enzymes

Xu Wang

Biochemistry, NMR, protein, carbohydrate, glycan, glycosaminoglycan, protein structure, protein-carbohydrate interactions

Jeffery Yarger

Solid-state NMR and MRI, soft matter research, disordered materials, biopolymers, battery and fuel cell materials, polyamorphism, nano-materials, high-pressure chemistry, quantum computation, laser scattering spectroscopy, neutron, electron and xray diffraction of amorphous materials