Protein Biochemistry and Engineering

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ASU students are revolutionizing structural analysis of membrane-bound proteins using femtosecond nanocrystallography and high field NMR, defining the roles of proteins and their complexes in disease and biological function, building novel de novo proteins both in the lab and in computers for applications in energy conversion and biosensing, and characterizing the astonishing physical properties of proteins in spider silk.



James Allen

Protein structure and function, X-Ray crystallography, photosynthesis, bacterial cofactors

Chad Borges
Associate Professor

Analytical biochemistry, mass spectrometry, protein posttranslational modifications, disease markers

Giovanna Ghirlanda

De-novo protein design and engineering, enzyme mechanisms, protein structure

Alexander Green
Assistant Professor

Alexander Green Assistant Professor Synthetic biology, Nanomaterials, Molecular computation, RNA regulation, Nucleic acid directed self-assembly, Biosensing, Nanoelectronics

Jia Guo
Associate Professor

Novel fluorescent probes, single cell genomics and proteomics, cancer biology, neuroscience

Anne Jones
Associate Professor

Bioinorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, hydrogenases, de novo protein design and engineering, redox enzyme mechanisms, alternative energy generation

Joshua LaBaer
Professor, and Executive Director, Biodesign Institute

Proteomics, biomarkers, cancer, diagnostics, protein arrays

Dmitry Matyushov

Theoretical chemistry, condensed media, optical spectroscopy, electron transfer, proteins, phase and glass transition

Yuval Mazor
Assistant Professor

Photosynthesis, membrane proteins, genetics, structural biology

Jeremy Mills
Assistant Professor

Protein Engineering, Computational Protein Design, Unnatural Amino Acids, Directed Evolution

Nicholas Stephanopoulos
Assistant Professor

Protein- and peptide-DNA nanotechnology, organic bioconjugation chemistry, self-assembly, nano-machines and devices, materials for biology and medicine

Rebekka Wachter

Protein post-translational modifications, Macromolecular X-ray crystallography, Protein-based chromophores, Enzyme mechanisms

Jeffery Yarger

Solid-state NMR and MRI, soft matter research, disordered materials, biopolymers, battery and fuel cell materials, polyamorphism, nano-materials, high-pressure chemistry, quantum computation, laser scattering spectroscopy, neutron, electron and xray diffraction of amorphous materials