Nucleic Acids and Bioengineering

ASU students construct complex self-assembling nanostructures based on DNA molecular origami, and assemble protein-DNA hybrid molecules as building blocks for complex materials and nanodevices with applications in medicine, biology, and energy.

Julian Chen

Structure, function and evolution of ribonucleoprotein complexes, RNA-protein interactions, telomerase biogenesis and mechanism

Alexander Green

Alexander Green Assistant Professor Synthetic biology, Nanomaterials, Molecular computation, RNA regulation, Nucleic acid directed self-assembly, Biosensing, Nanoelectronics

Audrone Lapinaite

CRISPR-Cas systems, prokaryotic defense systems, RNA-protein interactions, DNA-protein interactions, programmable DNA and RNA editing, RNA base modifications, RNA metabolism in neurons, post-transcriptional gene expression regulation, protein engineering, structural biology, development of new molecular tools 

Marcia Levitus

Biophysical chemistry, photophysics, single-molecule fluorescence, DNA-protein dynamics

Nicholas Stephanopoulos

Protein- and peptide-DNA nanotechnology, organic bioconjugation chemistry, self-assembly, nano-machines and devices, materials for biology and medicine

Petr Sulc

Coarse-grained modeling of DNA and RNA with applications to DNA/RNA nanotechnology, RNA folding, Molecular simulations to study properties of DNA and RNA in vivo and in vitro, Applications of statistical physics modeling to complex systems

Hao Yan

Design and assembly of biologically inspired nanomaterials, DNA nanostructures, nanoelectronics, biomolecular imaging