Biochemical Pathways & Function

ASU students are revolutionizing structural biology using femtosecond nanocrystallography, defining the roles of enzymes and protein complexes with biomolecules that regulate transcription, translation, post-translational modification and energy and proton flow at the molecular and cellular levels, and study the molecular basis of biology in geology and even astronomy.

James Allen

Protein structure and function, X-Ray crystallography, photosynthesis, bacterial cofactors

Julian Chen

Structure, function and evolution of ribonucleoprotein complexes, RNA-protein interactions, telomerase biogenesis and mechanism

Po-Lin Chiu

electron microscopy, cryo-EM, electron crystallography, membrane protein, structural biology, signal processing, image processing

Petra Fromme

Structural biochemistry and biophysics, membrane proteins, X-Ray crystallography, photosynthesis, molecular biology

Sidney Hecht

Improved diagnoses and treatments for diseases caused by impaired energy metabolism

Audrone Lapinait

CRISPR-Cas systems, prokaryotic defense systems, RNA-protein interactions, DNA-protein interactions, programmable DNA and RNA editing, RNA base modifications, RNA metabolism in neurons, post-transcriptional gene expression regulation, protein engineering, structural biology, development of new molecular tools

Yan Liu

Nanoparticles synthesis and functionalization DNA directed self-assembly Multi-component complex structure

Wei Liu

Biophysics, Drug Design, X-Ray Crystallography, G Protein–Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), Membrane Proteins, Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP), Protein-Protein Interactions/Complexes, Protein Functions

Yuval Mazor

Photosynthesis, membrane proteins, genetics, structural biology

Thomas Moore

Photosynthesis, protonmotive force, proton and electron transfer, photochemistry, photobiology, bioenergy, biocatalysis, sustainable energy, dye sensitized semiconductors

Steve Presse

Bacterial dynamics Single molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging analysis Stochastic processes Bayesian inference

Kevin Redding

Photosynthetic electron transfer, protein-cofactor interactions, membrane protein degradation, re-engineering photosynthesis for energy and bioremediation

Alexandra Ros

Micro and nanofluidics Bioanalytics, Single cell analysis, Biomolecule migration mechanisms

Abhishek Singharoy

Molecular dynamics simulations, Cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, hybrid modeling

Wade Van Horn

Membrane proteins, Solution NMR, Structural biology, Biophysical Chemistry, Enzymology, Electrophysiology, Computational structural biology, Ion channels, Membrane enzymes

 Xu Wang

Biochemistry, NMR, protein, carbohydrate, glycan, glycosaminoglycan, protein structure, protein-carbohydrate interactions