The School of Molecular Sciences welcomes the proud alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at ASU, and invites them to join us as we take the next step in the evolution of the molecular sciences.

The School acknowledges the students and faculty who worked so hard to build the reputation of chemistry and biochemistry at ASU. The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry established a national reputation for excellence in interdisciplinary research that the School will build on to develop a new scientific discipline, and further enhance ASU's reputation for Innovation.

Mr. Chad McCluskey
B.S. Chemistry

Mr. Chad McCluskey is currently an AP & Honors Chemistry Alhambra Science Instructional Leader.

Episode 9: Science Teacher with Dr. Ara Austin

Evan Darzi
B.S. & masters in medicinal chemistry

He currently works as a chemist at Icagen, which is a pharmaceutical biotech company focused in early drug discovery.

Episode 12: Drug Development and Research with Dr. Ara Austin

Sarah Staton 
PhD chemistry

She currently works as the Senior Coordinator for the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) program.

Episode 11: Science Policy & Government with Dr. Ara Austin

Dr. Martha Medina
B.S. chemistry 

Martha is currently a Vice President of International Sales at 21st Century Healthcare.

Episode 2: International Sales with Dr. Ara Austin

Ryan Muller
B.S. in medicinal biochemistry, 2015

"I chose to pursue a PhD as part of a larger goal toward professorship because I am interested in understanding how the world works on a deeper level."

Lyndsay Hess
B.S. in biochemistry and psychology, 2015

"I started an internship at Banner UMC Phoenix, as well as a position as a medical scribe. It was through these experiences that I decided I would be happiest becoming a physician."

Havell Markus
B.S. biochemistry and mathematics, 2016

"I am currently attending University of Cambridge for a master’s degree in computational biology. I want to pursue a future as a physician scientist, and I envision genomics to be a greater part of medicine in the future, as we are beginning to uncover the genetic links to many diseases."

Kaitlyn Mandigo
B.S. chemistry, 2016

"When you understand why things happen in the world, it's easier to figure out a better way to do something, and my students really like the idea of being able to change and improve things in their world."

Iolanda Klein 
PhD physical chemistry, 2016

"I decided early on in my Ph.D. that I would like to pursue the corporate route. I am currently working on new thermal interface materials."

Brandon Nabozny
B.S. Biochemistry, 2006

“Don’t be afraid to start at the very bottom and be humble at first...If you work hard, you’ll end up where you want to end up!”

Chenxiang Lin
Ph.D. in chemistry, 2005

“My graduate studies in the School of Molecular Sciences and The Biodesign Institute at ASU allowed me to mature as a scientist and have prepared me well for my future career.”