The Graduate Experience

A PhD degree in chemistry or biochemistry is your entry into the world of professional molecular science. As a professional chemist or biochemist you will be expected to contribute to the advancement of your field, and to work on major societal issues, many of which are increasingly complex and transdisciplinary.

Chemistry and Biochemistry PhD degrees are offered through the new School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University. The new School represents an innovative approach to graduate education that trains students to be successful independent scientists in an increasingly post-disciplinary scientific world.

During your time as a graduate student in the School of Molecular Sciences, your research advisor will be a pivotal asset and your go-to resource for your research endeavor. For all other matters, this page and the Graduate Programs Coordinator will be your go-to resource.

The PhD Programs in the School of Molecular Sciences

Graduate Research Opportunities in the School of Molecular Sciences

Our Students...

Our students are engaged in research that requires a deep understanding of molecular structure, properties and synthesis, but that is often aimed at solving larger, mission-based societal problems that often extend beyond the boundaries of traditional chemistry and biochemistry. Graduate students are offered a wide range of research experiences, from working with individual faculty members to working in collaborative groups involving several faculty members, on research that is focused on larger transdisciplinary areas that extend beyond the traditional disciplines. Reflecting the international nature of modern science, our graduate students come from academic institutions worldwide.