Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry research at ASU spans several disciplines and interest areas. Extensive collaborations with engineers, medical researchers, biologists, among others, form the basis for an exciting set of research projects. Analytical Chemistry attempts to help understand the world around us through measurements. Unique experimental and theoretical approaches to sensors, separation and detection with state-of-the-art instrumental design and fabrication are applied to diverse targets including environmental hazards, deep sea 'black smoker' vents, early detection of cancer, high-speed DNA sequencing, bio- and chemical warfare agents and ultramicrofabricated sensors.

Chad Borges
Assistant Professor
Analytical biochemistry, mass spectrometry, protein posttranslational modifications, disease markers

Daniel Buttry
Professor and Chair 
Battery and fuel cell materials, Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Interfacial chemistry

Jia Guo 
Assistant Professor
Single Cell Genomics and Proteomics, Fluorescent Probes, Molecular Imaging
Mark Hayes 
Microfluidics, bioassays, microchip devices, Noninvasive sampling, materials and surface chemistry
Pierre Herckes
Associate Professor
Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry, EnvironmentalĂ‚ Pollution, Analytical Chemistry
Alexandra Ros
Associate Professor
Micro and nanofluidics Bioanalytics, Single cell analysis, Biomolecule migration mechanisms
Peter Williams 
Mass spectrometry, MALDI, DNA, sequencing, DNA Arrays
Hao Yan
Milton D. Glick Distinguished Professor
Design and assembly of biologically inspired nanomaterials, DNA nanostructures, nanoelectronics, biomolecular imaging