Student Life

Undergraduate Experience

We offer a vibrant community for undergraduate students, where you’ll meet new people and challenge yourself intellectually. You can conduct hands-on science experiments in the lab with professionals in the field or join a club with fellow students who share your academic interests.

The more you apply concepts learned in the classroom in real-life situations, the more you’ll deepen your understanding of modern molecular science which will prepare you for a wide variety of careers. Plus, you’ll learn how transdisciplinary research is vital to addressing societally relevant problems.

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Graduate Experience

The School of Molecular Science recognizes that not only are traditional chemistry and biochemistry changing, but so are the expectations of students who will be graduating with PhD degrees in these subjects. Our graduate students train in fundamental molecular science, but also learn how to contribute to mission-based research that is societally relevant.

Our degree programs will help you to become independent and successful. You will learn how to identify important scientific problems, and how to solve to real-world challenges from the molecular perspective.

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Your route to scientific exploration, discovery and leadership

Graduate research opportunities

Graduate students in the School of Molecular Sciences are not only involved in the continued development of fundamental molecular science, but are tackling scientific problems that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries: they are finding molecular solutions to real-life problems. These research experiences provide our students with a training that will enable them to be successful in a scientific world where the boundaries between traditional disciplines are rapidly disappearing, and that will be relevant going into the future.

Undergraduate research opportunities

As an undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to explore the world of scientific research. You may work on your own project or get involved in a larger collaborative group. Research experience is important for expanding your horizons and helping you develop the skills and knowledge you learn in your coursework. Gaining research experience is essential for undergraduates who want to apply to graduate programs in chemistry or biochemistry.

Undergraduate scholarship offerings

We understand a big part of student life is being able to enjoy it. You’ll have access to a variety of scholarship opportunities within ASU, the School of Molecular Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to help fund your tuition and ease your financial worries so you can spend more time exploring your academic interests, interacting with fellow students and discovering your true passions. Our academic advisors can help you determine which scholarships to apply for based on the eligibility criteria.

Diverse clubs and organizations

In the School of Molecular Sciences, we believe student involvement is indicative of student success. Your college experience means so much more than just academics. Whether you want to pursue a hobby or elevate classroom learning by joining a science-focused student organization, getting involved will help you make connections and develop new skills for your eventual career. Our school houses a chapter of the Students Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, where you can learn more about chemistry and biochemistry as professions and get involved in outreach activities.