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Recent Accomplishments


  • Jeff Yarger
    ASU team unravels key mysteries of spider silk

  • Abhishek Singharoy
    • Received 2019 Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) award. Duration: Two years (with renewal eligibility), Allocation: 300,000 Summit node hours, and Site/System: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Chad Borges
    National Institutes of Health (NIH) "Validation and Advanced Development of Albumin Oxidizability as a Marker of Plasma/Serum Integrity"

  • Giovanna Ghirlanda and Matthias Heyden
    NSF EAGER:  "Membraneless organelles by design: a biomimetic approach"

  • Pierre Herkes and Hilairy Hartnett
    PIs on the recent NSF CAP LTER renewal which is a major ongoing grant at ASU

  • Rebekka Wachter
    NSF: "Dissecting photoconversion in fluorescent proteins frame by frame"

  • Rebekka Wachter and Po-lin Chiu
    DOE: "Structure and Function of Rubisco Activase"

  • Ron Briggs
    CLAS Grant to enhance our general chemistry program: “Discussion Sessions in General Chemistry”

  • Chad Borges
    ASU-BGU seed grant

  • Ryan Trovitch
    Dignity Health and Arizona State University 2018 Collaborative Strategic Initiatives Program (co-PI): "One Shot Morphologic, Hemodynamic and Metabolic MR Imaging of Brain Tumo"

  • Hao Yan (PI), Don Seo, Neal Woodbury, Su Lin
    MURI extension from the Army: "Translating Biochemical Pathways to Non-Cellular Environments"

  • Alex Green
    NIH R21 (co-PI): "Programmable electrochemical gene circuit sensors for infectious disease detection"
    CSSP (co-PI): "Development of a rapid synthetic biology platform as countermeasures to synthetic biology threats: Fighting fire with fire"

  • Mark Hayes
    NIH: "Biophysical Isolation and Concentration of Individual Salmonella Serotypes"
    NIH: "Differentiation of Mutant Virus Particles"

  • Tim Steimle
    NSF Division of Astronomical Sciences: "Laboratory measurement of electrostatic and magnetostatic properties of stellar and circumstellar molecules”
    DOE: “Characterization of Gas-phase Uranium and Thorium Containing Molecules via Optical Stark, Zeeman, and Microwave Spectroscopy”
    The Heising-Simons Foundation: “Identification and Characterization of Ephemeral Molecules Relevant to Fundamental Physics”.