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Recent Accomplishments


  • Austen Angell recently received the Otto Schott Research Award and Galileo Galilei Award, contributions to ionic sciences

    The Galileo Galilei Award established by the city of Padua in Italy where Galilleo taught for some 18 years was awarded to Austen Angell in Yokohama, Japan in June.  It is designated for the science of ionic materials, and is voted on by the international advisory board (40 members) of the International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes, and the awardee of the biennium has to be an active participant in the Symposium. In addition the 15th Otto Schott Research Award was presented to Prof. Austen Angell in St. Malo in July. He received the award for his pioneering, lasting scientific contributions throughout his illustrious research career.

  • George PettitRecognized as one of the “Heroes of Chemistry” for contributions to health and energy by the American Chemical Society. https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/pressroom/newsreleases/2018/may/heroes-of-chemistry-recognized-for-contributions-to-health-and-energy.html

  • Jia Guo Interviewed and featured in Technology Networks magazine (article forthcoming).

  • Dmitry Matyushov was recently awarded both an NSF and DOE award

  • Nick Stephanopoulos receives NSF CAREER Award

  • Singharoy's research on how living cells capture, process and store energy featured in a recent article published by the Department of Energy on renewable biofuels.

  • Ranko Richert received Gauss-Professorship Award from the Academy of Science, Goettingen, Germany (EUR 9000) Summer 2018

    Congratulations to Professor Ranko Richert, who was the recipient in June and July of a 2018 Gauss Professorship from the University of Göttingen, Germany. The Gauss Professorship was established to commemorate the achievements of the famous German mathematician and scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss, on the 100th anniversary of his death, and is awarded to scientists who have made outstanding contributions in one of Gauss's primary fields of interest: astronomy, geophysics, mathematics, and physics. Gauss Professors are invited to give lectures and seminars in an effort to cultivate the exchange of scientific ideas. Professor Richert spent several weeks in Göttingen where he collaborated with Professor Konrad Samwer.

  • Vladimiro Mujica Awarded Senior Fellowship at Technische Universitat Dresden in August/September 2017, and July 2018

  • Alexandra Ros Work titled “Electrically Triggered Water-in-Oil Droplets for Serial Femtosecond Crystallography” has been chosen as one of three finalist for the FACSS Innovation Award. Competition will be October at the SciX conference
  • Chad Borges
    National Institutes of Health (NIH) "Validation and Advanced Development of Albumin Oxidizability as a Marker of Plasma/Serum Integrity"

  • Giovanna Ghirlanda and Matthias Heyden
    NSF EAGER:  "Membraneless organelles by design: a biomimetic approach"

  • Pierre Herkes and Hilairy Hartnett
    PIs on the recent NSF CAP LTER renewal which is a major ongoing grant at ASU

  • Rebekka Wachter
    NSF: "Dissecting photoconversion in fluorescent proteins frame by frame"

  • Rebekka Wachter and Po-lin Chiu
    DOE: "Structure and Function of Rubisco Activase"

  • Ron Briggs
    CLAS Grant to enhance our general chemistry program: “Discussion Sessions in General Chemistry”

  • Chad Borges
    ASU-BGU seed grant

  • Ryan Trovitch
    Dignity Health and Arizona State University 2018 Collaborative Strategic Initiatives Program (co-PI): "One Shot Morphologic, Hemodynamic and Metabolic MR Imaging of Brain Tumo"

  • Hao Yan (PI), Don Seo, Neal Woodbury, Su Lin
    MURI extension from the Army: "Translating Biochemical Pathways to Non-Cellular Environments"

  • Alex Green
    NIH R21 (co-PI): "Programmable electrochemical gene circuit sensors for infectious disease detection"
    CSSP (co-PI): "Development of a rapid synthetic biology platform as countermeasures to synthetic biology threats: Fighting fire with fire"

  • Mark Hayes
    NIH: "Biophysical Isolation and Concentration of Individual Salmonella Serotypes"
    NIH: "Differentiation of Mutant Virus Particles"

  • Tim Steimle
    NSF Division of Astronomical Sciences: "Laboratory measurement of electrostatic and magnetostatic properties of stellar and circumstellar molecules”
    DOE: “Characterization of Gas-phase Uranium and Thorium Containing Molecules via Optical Stark, Zeeman, and Microwave Spectroscopy”
    The Heising-Simons Foundation: “Identification and Characterization of Ephemeral Molecules Relevant to Fundamental Physics”.