Rene Hernandez

PSG -G106
Research/Lab Assistant
TEMPE Campus

Student Information

Undergraduate Student
English (Creative Writing)
Liberal Arts & Sciences


Rene Hernandez Jr. is the Research Lab Coordinator for the General Chemistry Stockroom for the School of Molecular Sciences. His primary duties involve filing, printing and pulling Webtool Requisitions from Sunrise, assists the Lab Coordinator, Sr. with the progress and management of the General Chemistry Teaching Labs and various tasks set by/ for the stockroom. Rene also acts as the Closing Supervisor for the General Chemistry Night Lab Sessions, when the Lab Coordinator, Sr. has left for the day.

Rene has worked for the General Chemistry Stockroom for over nine years, having started as a student worker. In this time he has gained knowledge and experience from working in a laboratory setting. This involves, but is not limited to, handling and preparing hazardous chemicals, received training to demonstrate and enforce Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) among chemistry students and Stockroom student workers. His main focus is on proper quality customer service, whether it be a professor from the department picking up a chemical order, students from the Gen. Chem. Labs requesting glassware, or simply someone asking for directions.