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The Undergraduate Experience


The Bachelor degree programs in the School of Molecular Sciences train students to be successful in a wide variety of careers including scientific research, health professions such as doctors, dentists, and pharmacists, teaching, forensics, regulation and policy. Our courses not only train students to solve scientific problems at the molecular level, but also develop life skills such as communication in speech, writing and teamwork. The Schools offers a superb advising service and a friendly and supportive community with a history of mentoring award winning undergraduate students.

The School of Molecular Sciences also offers opportunities for students to get involved in trans-disciplinary research and learn how molecular science can address contemporary societally relevant problems.

Our Students...

Our students are learning to understand and explain the world from the molecular perspective. In addition to those in basic chemistry and biochemistry, students can take courses that describe the latest innovations in modern molecular science as described in the current scientific literature. Our students are also involved in research that is aimed at solving major real-life problems, and that builds problem-solving skills and scientific independence. Our students are prepared for a wide range of careers in science and health, and are positioned to be competitive applicants to many pre-professional and academic graduate programs.