Gary Moore

ISTB5 231
Assistant Professor
TEMPE Campus


Gary F. Moore is an Assistant Professor in the School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University, a researcher in The Biodesign Institute Center for Applied Structual Discovery, a Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute for Sustainability Scholar and Guest Faculty at Berkeley Lab. His group has research interests in chemistry to build nanoscale materials that are fundamentally interesting and address societal challenges.

He received his Ph.D. from ASU under Ana L. Moore in 2009 then spent two years as a Camille and Henry Dreyfus Energy Fellow at Yale University working with Gary W. Brudvig and Robert H. Crabtree before starting an independent research career at Berkeley Lab. Professor Moore currently teaches a graduate-level course at ASU on photochemical energy conversion and leads the research efforts of the Moore Lab. He enjoys coffee, chess, the art of organic synthesis and staying up late at Gordon Conferences. 


Ph.D. Arizona State University, 2009

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Research Interests

Our group has research interests in chemistry to build nanoscale materials that are fundamentally interesting and address societal challenges. Research themes include the transduction of solar energy, the synthesis of new materials to catalyze a range of chemical transformations of industrial importance, the design and preparation of novel hard-to-soft matter interfaces, and development of a general improvement in our understanding of molecular structure and function relationships. The materials and chemical assemblies developed in our laboratory resemble components of natural biological systems that carry out similar chemical processes. Thus, nature often provides inspiration and design considerations for the constructs we build and the chemistries we develop. Conversely, the artificial constructs offer opportunities to better understand the detailed mechanisms of their biological counterparts.


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