Ara Austin

Clinical Asst Professor (FSC)
TEMPE Campus


Dr. Ara Austin received her B.S. in Biochemistry and Minors in Psychology and Communication Studies in 2011 and Ph.D. in Chemistry Education in 2018, all from Arizona State University. For the past 6 years, her work has been dedicated to analyzing the effects of socio-cognitive (motivation and self-regulation) and socio-cultural (instructor gender effects, stereotype threat, and cultural/social capital) factors on student performance in organic chemistry courses. Her genuine passion is to help all students achieve success in their academic endeavors, and she currently oversees the online biochemistry program at the School of Molecular Sciences as their Assistant Clinical Professor.   


University of Nebraska - Lincoln (2006 - 2008) 

Arizona State University (2009 - 2011): B.S. in Biochemistry; Minors in Psychology & Communication Studies

Arizona State University (2012 - 2018): Ph.D. in Chemistry - Chemical Education



Austin, A. C., Ben-Daat, H., Zhu, M., Atkinson, R., Barrows, N., & Gould, I. R. (2015). Measuring student performance in general organic chemistry. Chemistry Education Research and Practice16(1), 168-178.


Koseler, R., Ben-Daat, H., Austin, A. C., Gould, I. R. (2016). A web-based teaching tool for multi-step synthesis on organic chemistry: Student perspectives and motivations. EDULEARN16 Proceedings: Valencia, Spain. 6559-6565.


Austin, A. C., Hammond, N. B., Barrows, N., Gould, D. L., & Gould, I. R. (2017). Relating motivation and student outcomes in organic chemistry using the Organic Chemistry Motivation Survey. Chemistry Education Research and Practice. doi: 10.1039/C7RP00182G


Austin, A. C., Hammond, N. B., Barrow, N., Gould, D. L., & Gould, I. R. Cultural and social capital in a college-level science course. (In preparation.)


Austin, A. C., Hammond, N. B., Barrow, N., & Gould, I. R. Organic  chemistry may be a roadblock for females. (In preparation.)


Fall 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
CHM 231Elementary Organic Chemistry
Summer 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
CHM 237Gen Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHM 238Gen Organic Chemistry Lab II
Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
CHM 233General Organic Chemistry I
CHM 234General Organic Chemistry II