Department of Chemistry Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Outreach Program

Our K20 (kindergarten through graduate) Outreach Program aims to ignite a spark in our future scientists. We believe if we cultivate the natural curiosity of children at a young age we will be able to get them aware of, and excited about, science in their futures. We believe further that, over time, this will have a hugely beneficial impact on our society. Undergraduate students, our Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS), graduate students, postdoctoral researchers as well as faculty are involved in our effort.
If you would like more information about our outreach activities please call Jenny Green at (480) 965-1430 or email
  • Most recently Jenny Green appeared on Channel 12's Arizona Midday, performing experiments with elementary school kids promoting the Changing Hands Bookstore Mad Scientist Day. The next day the SAACS students took over with their bubbly concoctions at Changing Hands itself. Kids of all ages had a lot of fun.
  • The SAACS students, coordinated by president Kevin Creech, visit a wide variety of elementary and middle schools across the Phoenix metropolitan area, giving students hands-on demonstrations concerning light, magnetism, chemiluminescence, changes of state (with the help of liquid nitrogen) and much more.
  • Christine Roeger (scientific glassware designer and supervisor of the glassblowing facility) not only expertly makes sophisticated glassware for faculty and students all over campus but she also participates in several well- received outreach activities. Small groups of high school students, most recently from McClintock High School in Tempe, come to the facility on campus to watch glassblowing demonstrations and learn how to make artistic scientific equipment. One example of her work is a barometer in the shape of a swan. Christine also participatse in much larger community and ASU events e.g. ASU Homecoming (regularly in the fall) and SeeASU
  • High school chemistry students regularly come to the department to "shadow" graduate students and postdocs in order to gain a taste of what it is like to be a chemist or biochemist on campus. Ian Gould and his wife Deena also bring students to campus as part of the "I'm College Bound" program.