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Graduate Student Forms
This page contains a list of the most common forms, including forms relating to the program of study and oral defense. For further information, please see

Graduate students who have received teaching or research assistantships/associateships can find information on this page relating to their appointment, including the TA/RA Handbook.

Professional Development
Here you'll find unique programs that ASU offers to graduate students, such as Preparing Future Faculty (PFF), Preparing Future Professionals (PFP), and Strategies for Success (SFS).

Thesis/Dissertation Preparation and Support
Need help with formatting your thesis or dissertation? This page provides everything you'll need to know about the process, format guidelines, and contact information, including the Format Manual.

Graduation Deadlines and Procedures
Getting close to graduating? Within a year of obtaining your degree? This page will provide you information including deadlines and procedures related to the graduation process. For further information, please see

General Graduate Degree Requirements
This page provides the general, university-wide guidelines for ASU students to complete master's and doctoral degrees. Students should also refer to the Graduate Catalog and their individual academic units for specific requirements.

Other Helpful Sites
In addition to the Division of Graduate Studies, ASU features numerous other offices and resources to help ensure the best possible graduate student experience, including the Office of Student Life, International Student Office, and Student Health.

Student Academic Services (SAS)
SAS can help with everything related to your graduate academic needs while you are a student at ASU. If you need assistance with DGS policies and procedures, Program of Study information, or have questions about graduation, please visit the SAS page.

Financial Support
The Graduate College (GC) provides financial support services including processing and allocation of GC awards, processing of TA/RA benefits, and assistance in identifying and obtaining other forms of support for graduate students. Graduate students seeking loans or financial aid counseling should contact the main ASU Student Financial Aid Office in the Student Services building at (480) 965-3355 or by email to

Chemical Databases

Material Data Safety Sheets

Chemical DataBase Index

BRENDA Enzyme Database

On-Line Journals

Chemistry Related Journals



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Best Chemistry Sites

ChemDex - Directory of Chemistry on the WWW

University Home Pages

ChemSpy - ChemSearch on the WWW

Employment Resources

AfterCollege, Inc.


Chemistry and Biochemistry Societies and Organizations

American Chemical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

Chemical Institute of Canada