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Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry at ASU is interdisciplinary and exciting. Collaborations exist with colleagues in biochemistry, physical chemistry and in the engineering, physics and biology departments. A general theme of many of the research groups is that new and interesting molecules are synthesized, which are then used in original and useful applications.

ASU researchers are developing new anti-cancer drugs, artificial photosynthetic reaction centers and ion pumps, novel proteins, photoenzymes and compounds for molecular electronics. Students are involved in the entire scope of the projects, from molecular design and synthesis through to the application. In this way, the ASU research and education process is broader than in programs where a single discipline or approach is emphasized. Students have access to modern equipment in each faculty member's labs and excellent departmental facilities including X-Ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, laser spectroscopy, and solution and solid state NMR.

John Chaput
Applied molecular evolution, molecular biology, proteomics, protein evolution, TNA aptamers and enzymes
Giovanna Ghirlanda
Associate Professor
De-novo protein design and engineering, enzyme mechanisms, protein structure
Ian Gould
President's Professor
Photochemistry, mechanistic organic chemistry, organic geochemistry
Jia Guo
Assistant Professor
Single cell genomics and proteomics, fluorescent probes, molecular imaging

Devens Gust
Regents' Professor
Solar energy conversion, molecular switching, photonics and logic, photochromic molecules, photoactive materials

Sidney Hecht
Improved diagnoses and treatments for diseases caused by impaired energy metabolism
Ana Moore
Regents' Professor
Synthetic organic chemistry, carotenoids, photosynthesis, photochemistry

Gary Moore
Assistant Professor
Organic chemistry, materials chemistry, solar energy transduction, photocatalysis, molecular electronics, chemical sensing, proton coupled electron transfer

Robert Pettit
Regent's Professor
Medicinal Chemistry, chemistry of natural products, discovery of new anti-cancer and anti-infective drugs for human cancer treatment

Rebekka Wachter
Associate Professor
Protein post-translational modifications, Macromolecular X-ray crystallography, Protein-based chromophores, Enzyme mechanisms