Department of Chemistry Biochemistry

Environmental and Geochemistry

ASU provides truly unique research opportunities in the fundamentally interdisciplinary research areas of environmental & geochemistry. ASU researchers are studying mineralogy at the atomic scale, pre-biotic organic synthesis, deep-earth processes, the chemistry of lunar samples, and the fate and distribution of pollutants in the environment. Of particular interest are the interactions between biotic and abiotic chemical transformations that govern the recycling of energy throughout the environment. In addition to the extensive equipment and instrumentation expected in a large research university, ASU is home to unique in-house constructed deep-sea hydrothermal vent simulator, a new Keck Center for environmental analyses, high resolution microscopy facilities, and a peerless meteorite collection. Students' research experience is enhanced through collaborations with colleagues in analytical, physical and biochemistry, microbiology, oceanography, and engineering.

Ariel Anbar
Earth Surface Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Isotopic Composition Studies, Biogeochemistry

Peter Buseck
Regents' Professor
Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosols, Meteorites, Solid-State geochemistry, Cosmochemistry, Electron Microscopy

Andrew Chizmeshya
Associate Professor
Computational Solid State Chemistry, Semiconductor Simulation, Vibrational and Optical Properties of Solids, Physisorption, Carbon Sequestration

Hilairy Hartnett
Associate Professor
Aqueous Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Oceanography, Carbon Cycle Research, Environmental Chemistry

Pierre Herckes
Associate Professor
Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry, Environmental Pollution, Analytical Chemistry

Everett Shock
Biogeochemistry, Thermodynamic Modeling, Microbial Processes, Analytical Methods

George Wolf
Associate Professor
High pressure chemistry, phase transitions, spectroscopy, materials chemistry, geochemistry