Department of Chemistry Biochemistry


Biochemistry researchers at ASU are studying and mimicking the fundamental structures and functions of biological systems, ranging from the extremely complex membrane-bound photosynthetic reaction center to the structural and functional organization of chromatin and telomeres. Ongoing projects include studies of the catalytic mechanism of metalloenzymes, the generation of color in fluorescent proteins, the investigation of biophysical processes at the single molecule level, de novo design of proteins and the construction of artificial photosynthetic systems and light driven "bio-machines". Biochemistry students collaborate with colleagues in plant and cellular biology, organic chemistry, physics and engineering. Interdisciplinary projects are designed to interface biological systems with electronic and nanotechnological devices or to study the origin and evolution of metabolic systems. Students have access to a unique range of sophisticated equipment and expertise for the study of macromolecules, including a state-of-the-art protein chemistry and mass spectrometry facility, protein X-ray crystallography, ultrafast time-resolved laser spectroscopy, as well as high-resolution electron and scanning probe microscopies.

James Allen
Protein structure and function, X-Ray crystallography, photosynthesis, bacterial cofactors

Chad Borges
Assistant Professor
Analytical biochemistry, mass spectrometry, protein posttranslational modifications, disease markers

John Chaput
Applied molecular evolution, molecular biology, proteomics, protein evolution, TNA aptamers and enzymes

Julian Chen
Associate Professor
Structure, function and evolution of ribonucleoprotein complexes, RNA-protein interactions, telomerase biogenesis and mechanism
Wilson Francisco
Associate Professor
Enzyme mechanisms and catalysis, enzymology, molecular biology, protein crystallography
Petra Fromme
Paul V Galvin Professor
Structural biochemistry and biophysics, membrane proteins, X-Ray crystallography, photosynthesis, molecular biology
Giovanna Ghirlanda
Associate Professor
De-novo protein design and engineering, enzyme mechanisms, protein structure
Alexander Green
Assistant Professor
Synthetic biology, Nanomaterials, Molecular computation, RNA regulation, Nucleic acid directed self-assembly, Biosensing, Nanoelectronics
Jia Guo
Assistant Professor
Single cell genomics and proteomics, fluorescent probes, molecular imaging
Mark Hayes
Bioanalytical chemistry, microfluidics, ultrasmall volume fluid movements and analysis
Sidney Hecht
Improved diagnoses and treatments for diseases caused by impaired energy metabolism
Anne Jones
Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Bioinorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, hydrogenases, de novo protein design and engineering, redox enzyme mechanisms, alternative energy generation.
Joshua LaBaer
Professor, Director, and Piper Chair in Personalized Medicine
Proteomics, biomarkers, cancer, diagnostics, protein arrays

Marcia Levitus
Associate Professor
Biophysical chemistry, photophysics, single-molecule fluorescence, DNA-protein dynamics.

Stuart Lindsay
Regents' Professor
Scanning probe microscopy, molecular electronics, molecular biophysics, nano-scale self-assembly

Wei Liu
Assistant Professor
Biophysics, Drug Design, X-Ray Crystallography, G Protein–Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), Membrane Proteins, Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP), Protein-Protein Interactions/Complexes, Protein Functions

Yan Liu
Associate Professor
Nanoparticles synthesis and functionalization DNA directed self-assembly Multi-component complex structure.

Thomas A. Moore
Regents' Professor
Photosynthesis, protonmotive force, proton and electron transfer, photochemistry, photobiology, bioenergy, biocatalysis, sustainable energy, dye sensitized semiconductors

Kevin Redding
Photosynthetic electron transfer, protein-cofactor interactions, membrane protein degradation, re-engineering photosynthesis for energy and bioremediation

Rebekka Wachter
Associate Professor
Protein post-translational modifications, Macromolecular X-ray crystallography, Protein-based chromophores, Enzyme mechanisms

Wade Van Horn
Assistant Professor
Membrane proteins, Solution NMR, Structural biology, Biophysical Chemistry, Enzymology, Electrophysiology, Computational structural biology, Ion channels, Membrane enzymes

Xu Wang
Assistant Professor
Biochemistry, NMR, protein, carbohydrate, glycan, glycosaminoglycan, protein structure, protein-carbohydrate interactions

Neal Woodbury
Photosynthesis, biophysics, DNA/protein complexes, nucleosomes, optically directed molecular evolution

Hao Yan
Milton D. Glick Distinguished Professor
Design and assembly of biologically inspired nanomaterials, DNA nanostructures, nanoelectronics, biomolecular imaging

Jeff Yarger
Professor and Director of Magnetic Resonance Research Center
Solid-state NMR and MRI, soft matter research, disordered materials, biopolymers, battery and fuel cell materials, polyamorphism, nano-materials, high-pressure chemistry, quantum computation, laser scattering spectroscopy, neutron, electron and xray diffraction of amorphous materials