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Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1996

Alexander von Humboldt Award for Experienced Researchers
NIH National Research Service Award

  Office: PSC-307  Lab: D-302, D-314
  Phone: (480)965-8188  Lab Phone: (480)727-7843
  Fax: (480) 965-2747

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Research and Teaching Interests

Our research is focused on elucidating the structure and function of proteins, with particular emphasis on fluorescent proteins and remodeling enzymes. The ultimate goal is to introduce novel biochemical, optical, or functional features into a protein's scaffold. We utilize macromolecular X-ray crystallography to determine atomic-resolution structures, steady-state spectroscopy to investigate protein maturation kinetics, ultra-fast spectroscopy to examine the photochemistry of intrinsic chromophores, and molecular biology for protein engineering purposes.

Protein self-processing reactions: In fluorescent proteins such as GFP, the biosynthesis of several chemically distinct chromophores involves self-catalysis of peptide cyclization and oxidation reactions. Our research aims to develop step-by-step mechanistic models for the amino acid derivatizations that occur spontaneously upon protein folding, yielding brightly colored fluorophores from a single gene product.

Structural basis of color evolution in fluorescent proteins: Four color classes (cyan, green, yellow, red) have evolved repeatedly and independently along different lineages of GFP-like proteins. We aim to understand how conformational remodeling facilitates phenotypic changes such as color switching events during protein evolution.

Bioenergy and photosynthesis: The regulation of biological carbon fixation includes remodeling enzymes responsible for maintaining the activity of Rubisco, which catalyzes the central carboxylation reaction. We are interested in determining the mechanism of action of higher plant Rubisco activase, a ring-forming ATPase that is thought to restrict the net rate of CO2 fixation under some conditions.

Biomedical: We are investigating the structural and biochemical properties of bacterial membrane proteins involved in infectious diseases.

Selected Publications

"Regulation of Rubisco Activase: Product Inhibition, Cooperativity, and Magnesium Activation," Hazra, S., Henderson, J. N., Liles, K., Hilton, M., Wachter, R. M., J. Biol. Chem. (in press) (2015)

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"A Hinge Migration Mechanism Unlocks the Evolution of Green-to-Red Photoconversion in GFP-like Proteins.," H. Kim, T. Zou, C. Modi, K. Doerner, T. J. Grunkemeyer, L. Chen, R. Fromme, M. V. Matz, B. Ozkan, R. M. Wachter, Structure 23 34 - 43 (2015)

"NMR Structure of F. tularensis Virulence Determinant Reveals Structural Homology to Bet v1 Allergen Proteins," Zook, J., Mo, G., Sisco, N., Craciunescu, F., Hansen, D., Baravati, B., Cherry, B., Wachter, R. M., Van Horn, W., Fromme, P., Structure 23 1116-1122 (2015)

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"Detection of Protein Nanocrystals Based on the Reversibility of Crystallization," Doerner, K., Martin-Garcia, J., Christopher Kupitz, Dayna S. Peterson, Wachter, R. M., Fromme, P., (submitted) (2015)

"Rubisco Rescue," R.M. Wachter and J.N. Henderson, Nature Plants 1 No. 14010 (2015)

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"Purification and Biophysical Characterization of the CapA Membrane Protein FTT0807 from Francisella tularensis," Martin-Garcia, J., Hansen, D., Zook, J., Loskutov, A., Robida, M., Craciunescu, F, Sykes, K., Wachter, R. M., Fromme, P., Allen, J. P., Biochemistry 53 1958-1970 (2014)

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"The 1.6 A structure of a FRET-optimized Cerulean Fluorescent Protein," Watkins, J. L., Kim, H., Markwardt, M. L., Chen, L., Fromme, R., Rizzo, M. A., Wachter*, R. M., Acta Crystallogr. D 69 767-773 (2013)

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