Department of Chemistry Biochemistry


Regents' Professor
Ph.D., Wayne State University, 1956

  Office: PSD-301  Lab: PS C-334/D-307
  Phone: (480)965-3351  Lab Phone: (480)727-2009
  Fax: (480) 965-2747

Research and Teaching Interests

Significant advances in the treatment of human cancer and other serious medical problems are becoming increasingly more dependent upon scientists well trained in organic chemistry, biochemistry and biology. Our group is organized to provide the specialized training necessary to undertake problems concerned with the discovery of anticancer substances for the treatment of cancer. Among various activities, we are pursuing a unique program concerned with isolation, structural identification and synthesis of naturally occurring anticancer agents from marine animals, plants, and arthropods. Studies concerned with synthetic methods, and routes to certain important biosynthetic products comprise related areas of interest.

Specific Research Interests: Chemistry of natural products (peptides, nucleotides, and steroids), cancer chemotherapy (anticancer agents from arthropods, marine animals and plants), and total synthesis of natural products.

Selected Publications

"Antineoplastic Agents 595. Structural Modifications of Betulin and the X-ray Crystal Structure of an Unusual Betulin Amine Dimer.1a ," G. Pettit, N. Melody, F. Hempenstall, J-C. Chapuis, T. Groy, L. Williams, Journal of Natural Products 77(4) 863-872 (2014)

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"Synthesis of a 2-Aryl-3-Aroyl-Indole Salt (OXi8007) Resembling Combretastatin A-4 with Application as a Vascular Disrupting Agent ," M. Hadimani, M. MacDonough, T. Strecker, R. Lopez, M. Sriram, B. Nguyen, R. Kessler, A. Ghatak, A. Shirali, L. Liu, C. Garner, G. Pettit, E. Hamel, D. Chaplin, R. Mason, M.L. Trawick, K. Pinney, Journal of Natural Products 76(9) 1668-1678 (2013)

"Preclinical Efficacy of Sodium Narcistatin to Reduce Inflammation and Joint Destruction in Rats with Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis," Cheri Lubahn, Jill A. Schaller, Eric Shewmacker, Carlo Wood, Denise L. Bellinger, Donna Byron, Noeleen Melody, George R. Pettit, and Dianne Lorton, Rheumataology International 32(12) 3751-3760 (2012)

"Auristatin Drugs Decrease Long-Term Suvivin Levels and Induce Apoptosis in Human Pancreatic Cancer (Panc-1) Cells," J.S. Park, M.M. Asuncion, J.R. Aspe, G.R. Pettit and N.R. Wall, Journal of Investigative Med. 60 148-149 (2012)

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"The Cephalostatins 22. Synthesis of a Bis-steroidal Pyrazine Pyrones.," G.R. Pettit, B.R. Moser, R.F. Mendonca, Journal of Natural Products 75(6) 1063-1069 (2012)

"Antineoplastic Agents 592. Highly Effective Cancer Cell Growth Inhibitory Structural Modifications of Dolastatin 10," G.R. Pettit, F. Hogan, S. Toms, J. Nat. Prod. 74 962-968 (2011)

"A chemifluoriscent immunoassay for the determination of marinobufagenin in body fluids.," D. Abi-Ghanem, X. Lai, L.R. Bergman, D. Horvat, J. Li,, D. Romo, M.N. Uddin, Y. Kamano, T. Nogawa, J-P. Xu, G.R. Pettit, and J.B. Puschett, J. Immunoassay & Immunochemistry 32 31-46 (2011)

"Interactions of Halichondrin B and Eribulin with Tubulin," R. Bai, T.L. Nguyen, J.C. Buurnett, O. Atasoylu, M.H.G. Munro, G.R. Pettit, A.B. Smith, R. Gussio, and E. Hamel, J. Chem. Information and Modeling 51 1393-1404 (2011)

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"The Cephalostatins 21. Synthesis of Bis-steriodal Pyrazine Rhamnorides," G.R. Pettit, R.F. Mendonca, J.C. Knight, and R.K. Pettit, Journal of Natural Products 74 1922-1930 (2011)

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"Isolation of Human Cancer Cell Growth Inhibitory, Antimicrobial Lateritin from a Mixed Fungal Culture," R.K. Pettit, G.R. Pettit, J.-P. Xu,C. A. Weber, and L. Richert, Planta Medica 76 500-501 (2010)

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