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Regents' Professor
Ph.D., University of London (Imperial College of Science), 1961

  Office: PSB-255  Lab: B-248
  Phone: (480)965-7217  Lab Phone: (480)965-7802
  Fax: (480) 965-2747

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Research and Teaching Interests

In this group, a wide range of physical measurements on liquid structure, transport properties and thermodynamic characteristics are carried out, with emphasis on metastable (supercooled, superpressurized) or stretched state behavior. One branch of this program focuses attention on microsample techniques for studying the physical properties of supercooled and stretched (negative pressure) states of common molecular liquids such as H2O, benzene, and CCl4, which normally can only be studied above their melting points. At the other extreme, computer simulation studies using sophisticated multicomponent molecular dynamics programs are used to study liquid silicates and glasses under extreme conditions: also the stability limits of crystalline materials on compression and stretching.

A major component of the group's research at the moment involves synthesis and characterization of new, highly stable, electrolytes and polymers for applications in electrochemical power systems and the study of biophysical phenonena. The group has a number of patents granted or pending in these areas.

Most recently, the group has become involved in polyamorphic phase transitions and the relations between unexpected phase transitions in supercooled liquid water and major structural changes in biopolymers (see article in Science 1995). For information on current research on biopolymers and other activities, please check out titles below and our current abstracts on the lab Website--you will need Adobe Acrobat, or equivalent to read these.

Selected Publications

"Insights into liquid water phases from study of its unusual glass-forming properties," C. Austen Angell, Science 319 582-587 (2008)

"Highs and Lows in the density of water," C . A. Angell, Nature Nano (News &Views) 2 1-4 (2007)

"Reversible folding-unfolding, aggregation protection, multi-year stabilization in high concentration protein solutions," Nolene Byrne, Limin Wang, Jean-Philippe Belieres, and C. Austen Angell, Chem. Commun DOI: 10, 1039/b618943a 2714-2716 (2007)

"Vitrification of a monatomic metallic liquid," H Bhat, V. Molinero, V. Solomon, E. Soignard, S. Sastry, J. L. Yarger, and C. A. Angell., Nature 448(Aug.16) 787-790 (2007)

"Parallel developments in inorganic, aprotic, and protic ionic liquids: physical chemistry and applications," C. Austen Angell, Nolene Byrne and Jean-Philippe Belieres, Accounts of Chemical Research (special issue on Ionic Liquids) 40 1228-1236 (2007)

"Chemical order lifetimes in liquids and a new fictive temperature for glassformers," L.M. Martinez and C.A. Angell, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 314 548-559 (2002)

"A thermodynamic connection to the fragility of glassforming liquids," L.-M. Martinez and C.A. Angell, Nature 410 663-667 (2001)

"Thermodynamic determination of fragility in liquids and a fragile-to-strong liquid transition in water," K. Ito, C.T. Moynihan and C.A. Angell, Nature 398 492-495 (1999)

"Liquid Landscapes," C.A. Angell, Nature (News & Views) 393 521-522 (1998)

"Formation of Glasses from Liquids and Biopolymers," C.A. Angell, Science 267 1924 (1995)

"Water and Solutions in the High Tension Regime: Raman Spectroscopic Study to -80 Mpa Negative Pressure," J.L. Green, D.J. Durben, G.H. Wolf and C.A. Angell, Science 249 649 (1990)