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This is an exciting time for a career in Chemistry or Biochemistry. The traditional fields of Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, along with Biochemistry, provide a gateway to understanding in many areas of modern-day scientific research such as environmental science, forensics, materials science, nanotechnology and biotechnology and continue to be the basis of traditional industries like oil, food, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Any of the various majors in the Chemistry/Biochemistry Department will provide a strong foundation that will prepare you for the challenges of these or non-traditional careers in science writing, patent law, government policies or starting your own business.
The School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State is composed of faculty members involved in cutting-edge research that ranges from traditional Chemistry to applied and/or interdisciplinary work involving the fields of Geology (atmospherics, composition of the earth), Biology (astrobiology, evolution, molecular genetics, photosynthesis and energy production) and Physics (materials sciences, nanotechnology, single molecule approaches). The dynamic mix of students and faculty in the Department provide a diverse and exciting learning environment for undergraduate studies.
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